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Gifts for the Littles

  • Little Unicorn

    Infant Hooded Towel


    Splash into bath time with a plush and absorbent hooded towel. Featuring a cozy hood the hooded towel is crafted with printed muslin on the outside...

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  • Mayoral

    Fur Swirl Blanket


    Covered with soft swirly rosettes, your baby will feel warmly snuggled in this luxurious baby blanket. Available in four colors... choose your favo...

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  • Angel Dear

    Angel Dear Blankie


    A perfect little security blankie and tagalong for your child. The delicious cashmere-like material is perfect for babies and toddlers to snuggle. ...

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  • Jellycat

    Jollipop Giraffe


    Jollipop Giraffe is all about those party games! This cocoa-custard chum never wants to stop playing, even after everyone else is tired out. With s...

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  • Jellycat

    Bluebell Butterfly


    Fluttering down to greet you, it's beautiful Bluebell Butterfly! This soothing sweetie has bonny ringed wings in indigo and lavender! With a giggly...

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  • Jellycat

    Amore Cat Black


    A big belly and tiny leggos - that's Amore Cat Black! This cat is charmingly chubby, with a peaceful expression and tickly whiskers. With perky ear...

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